Grow With HRE Myrtle Beach - Career Guide

Grow With HRE Myrtle Beach - Career Guide

Career Guide

20 years of


The Cornerstones

Our greatest point of pride. Turns out when you provide the opportunity and support real estate professionals need to take their business to the next level and you focus on hiring good people, then you have a culture in which to be proud.


Whether you are a relatively new agent or a longtime veteran producer, you will need help and support. Be it business coaching, transactional issues or just your general welfare – we have your back. You won’t have to wait to get the help you need today. Our in-house, proprietary CRM helps agents not only manage, but prioritize their leads, prospects and clients. Stay focused on today’s production while the automation and AI of our platform do most of the heavy lifting for your someday business. We are here to help build your brand. Our marketing team has you covered for mailers, brochures and presentation pieces, but we will also help elevate you and your brand’s identity. Learn how to leverage today’s digital world and social media. It’s time.




20 years of


Only Exceptional Agents

We offer an amazing opportunity at Highgarden. There are no monthly fees or desk fees. No tech fees, no E&O fees. We cover costs from business cards to the designing and printing of your presentations. If you don’t sell a home, then we don’t make a nickel. It’s truly a shared partnership where your best interest and ours are in complete alignment. We can’t afford to hire just anyone. We need agents that have the desire and the drive to be exceptional. Are you that type of person?

20 years of


What We Offer

• 30+ leads / month • Best in class software • Zillow lead integration • Professional agent website

Free is not a cliché term here.

• 24/7 Broker Support • Marketing design • Tech support

• Color copies

• E&O insurance • Office workspace

• Business Cards / Flyers • Paperless transactions • One-on-one coaching

What We Don’t Offer

• A monthly bill

• Monthly fees

• Desk fees

• Technology fees

• National/Franchise Fees

• Nickel and dimed for copies and supplies

• A mandatory listing fee you have to charge


It’s one of the reasons why agents love it here. You call we answer. Come for professional advancement. Stay because you’ll love where you work.

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Your New Support Team

It’s easier to grow when you have enough support.

Robin Breece

Michelle Davis

Greg Hartman

Brian Holle

Rick Knight





Division President

Chris Kukelhan

Urooj Qureshi

Christina Reale

Steve Robbins



Agent Support


Kristin Coffey-Taylor

Renee Rooney

Stephanie Shannon

Alec Shaner

Agent Support





• Individual Coaching • Weekly Round Tables

• Weekly In-Office Training • Weekly Live Online Training • Social Media Coaching • Buyer/Seller Presentations • Personal Brand Building

Agent Development The key to our success. It takes a village to raise an agent. Our culture fosters just that.

Only Exceptional Agents


Our passion is helping our agents reach new heights, but we can’t want it more than you do.

Let’s take your business to the next level.

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1 st Year at HRE


$6.7M $20M


1 st Year at HRE


$1.9M $17M


1 st Year at HRE


$3.1M $13M


1 st Year at HRE


$4.6M $17M


1 st Year at HRE Now $3.8M $23M


1 st Year at HRE Now $2.8M $45M


1 st Year at HRE Now $4.2M $18M


For years we’ve been lauded for being a technology firm as much as we are a real estate brokerage. Of course, that is more important now than ever.

One Powerful Platform

• Lead Tracking / Lead Scoring

• AI-Powered Remarketing

• Automated Property Emails & Market Updates • Connected to Zillow / / Real Geeks and others

• Slice and dice contacts and create prospect lists

• Plus about 1000 other cool features that make our life easier.

Robust Real Estate Tech

• Designed by REALTORS - Built Exclusively for Highgarden​

• Tested by 650 Agents - 500K+ leads and 30K+ transactions

• Integrated with Facebook AI - The right message to the right clients at the right time

• Proprietary Lead Scoring that increases conversion

• AI-Powered Remarketing for all your self generated leads

• IDX agent websites that generate solid leads

• Direct import of all your existing leads

Take A Deep Dive

For years we’ve been lauded for being a technology firm as much as we are a real estate brokerage. Of course, that is more important now than ever.

View Our Technology Overview


Company provided leads can give your business the fuel for sustainable growth. That fuel being past clients.

We’ve been sharing our leads with our agents for over 20 years.

Lead Generation

Invested in leads for our agents. $10 Million*

Leads shared with our agents. 954,005*

Paid to our agents as a result of the leads we provided. $35 Million*

* and growing

Proprietary Lead Scoring

This one button... Will change the way you view internet leads.

“6 meetings set this week from leads on the Hot List”

“Truly awesome! I just sold a $650K cash deal. The Hot List works!”

These could too.

He’s Spot On “Nothing is more important to your sales career than prospective buyers and sellers. To have a viable business, you simply must have the client leads.” “To have a business that pays you a lot of money, you will need a lot of leads.”’

“…let’s be perfectly clear about it…no leads means no sales.”

We Share Our Leads

• Exclusive to you • Leads in your geographic area • You pick and choose the leads you want to work with. • Buyer and seller leads • Up to 80% agent split on company leads • 60% have a valid email and phone number • Top agent conversion rates of 3-10% • You control the lead on/off switch

You Decide Which Leads You Accept.

Agents are never forced to take a lead. If your business is based on your past clients or sphere of influence…you never have to accept a lead.

We Pay Cash for You to Prospect

24/7 – On Demand Prospect List

Cash out whenever you want. No joke.

Beyond The Leads

Do you have a plan for:

• Letting your sphere of influence know you're an expert resource when it comes to local real estate?

• A rock-solid past client program?

• Approaching FSBOs and expireds?

• Your digital footprint?

• Hosting successful open houses?

• Developing your personal brand?

We do and we’re ready to help you with yours.


If you need help developing your personal brand, Highgarden is the place for you. If your brand is solid, let us help you take it to the next level.

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Professionalism You supply the professionalism…we’ll help with the image.

It’s Your Brand We want to be the brand behind it.

From property flyers to open house announcements, our marketing department has you covered. We Work For You


Hear it from the people that really matter.

None of these are paid actors. We promise.

It’s true.

What agents have said about our brokerage.

“The company invests in us.. .”

“There is an abundance of leads every single day.”

“My only regret is I didn’t join four years ago.”

“Well…there are no monthly fees.”

I have worked as an agent with Highgarden since August 2001. I absolutely can’t imagine leaving and working for another group. Total class and complete support. These guys are ahead of the curve, innovative and very caring about their staff. Total class organization up and down. Rob Field I have worked for five Fortune 500 companies in my career and none of them compare to the culture of Highgarden Real Estate. My main criteria for selecting a Brokerage was integrity. The owners of Highgarden along with the entire staff exemplify impeccable integrity and honesty. It is the first company I have ever worked for that is totally transparent and open about helping one to be the best they can be. I have never met a Broker at Highgarden Real Estate that not only will lend a hand with whatever you need but completely share anything they are doing that produces business. I love our culture and would never work for anyone else. Kyle Gillette As an agent, we receive the best support all around! The managing brokers are available to help, anytime. Answers are always at your fingertips, whether it is from a fellow colleague, or a training, which Highgarden does so well providing. If you want to succeed in real estate, you will not find a shortage of tools and resources with Highgarden. Even though I work from home mostly, I still feel a part of a team, who has my back, and is committed to doing whatever it takes to see that I am successful. Melissa McLean

You will love Highgarden as I do, I know it. Once you see it, you'll never want to leave.

Margaery Tyrell to Sansa Stark


It’s one of the reasons why agents love it here.

Come for professional advancement. Stay because you’ll love where you work.

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Smile Everyday


While you can do this job remotely, as many of our agents do sometimes you need a change of scenery.

Positive – Professional – Fun

True Team Culture and Environment


1136 44th Ave N Suite 2, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Summerville 143 Central Ave. Charleston, SC 29483

We’re invested in your success.

Is your brokerage?


We’re pros at onboarding both new agents and multi-million dollar producers.

Click the button and let’s get the ball rolling, today.

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